The reward due to the Lawyer is agreed in writing when the professional assignment is given. When the reward is not agreed in advance, the parameters established by DM 55/2014 shall apply: these parameters can also be considered by the User to have an indication, obviously approximate, of legal fees that he is going to bear. Some utilities are available to calculate BILLS and also the rewards under the parameters of DM 55/2014 regarding CIVIL and CRIMINAL trials,  assistance in EXTRAJUDICIAL matters, and TRAVEL expenses.

Separation and divorce, conseguences of the omitted notification of the appeal: the appeal is issued simply by depositing it in the clerk's office of the Court ad quem; any defect of the notification of the application and the order setting the hearing for discussion does not affect the appeal itself... read more

The Constitutional Court against the "Living Law": the Speed Cameras must undergo periodic checks... read more

Tax Law, voidness of the acts signed by illegitimate directors: the Constitutional Court against the indefinite enduring of allegedly temporary assignment to higher duties without the necessary competitive examinations. Implications on the validity of the acts signed by the illegitimate directors... read more